Media Award

The Media Award recognizes a journalist who has demonstrated excellence in raising public awareness of Ontario midwives, midwifery issues and midwives’ contributions to the health-care system in Ontario via print, radio, television and/or web-based media.


One entry per journalist can be submitted for consideration if it meets the following requirements:

  • The work deals with the subject of Ontario midwives or midwifery.
  • The work has been published, distributed, produced or aired by an Ontario media outlet between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.
  • The work is aimed at the general public, and not published in a trade or specialty publication.

Work that was originally written, broadcast or produced in a language other than English is welcomed. A translation into English must accompany the submission. Current AOM board and AOM staff members are ineligible for this award

Nomination Criteria

  1. Story provides relevant information about events affecting Ontario midwives/midwifery issues. (25 marks)
  2. Story has the potential to positively influence public attitudes about midwifery. (25 marks)
  3. Story demonstrates accuracy in portraying midwifery in the context of women’s health. (25 marks)
  4. Story includes a quality of writing/reporting that is sensitive to midwives’ and midwifery clients’ perspective. (25 marks)

Nomination Process

AOM members, journalists or anyone who wishes to draw our attention to work that meets the criteria can contact the AOM's communications department to have the work considered. AOM communications staff will select up to six pieces that they feel are most worthy of consideration for this award per year. Nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Task Force. The task force will then recommend an award recipient to the Board of Directors, which will make the final selection.