Excellence in Midwifery Research Award

The Excellence in Midwifery Research Award recognizes research that advances midwifery. Nominations may reflect a multitude of research themes including, but not limited to, midwife-led care, equity, diversity and inclusion, Indigenous health, Indigenous sovereignty, cultural safety1, mental health, leadership, policy etc1. An anti-racist and anti-oppressive lens should have been applied during the process of conducting the research, particularly when Indigenous, Black, racialized, 2SLGBTQQIA+, religious minorities and other marginalized communities are involved. The award will be presented to the author(s) of the research paper selected for the award.


1 Cultural safety in the context of healthcare refers to the outcome that arises from respectful engagement within the healthcare setting that recognizes and attempts to level power imbalances which are inherent to the healthcare system. Culturally safe spaces and practices are free from racism and discrimination and allows both midwives to feel safe working in, and clients to feel safe receiving care. (Source: First Nations Health Authority)

Nomination Criteria

  • Ontario midwives who participated in or co-authored the research.

  • The research piece supports midwifery in Ontario, Canada or globally.

  • The research has been published within two years prior to December 31, 2023 or is of current significance to midwifery.

  • An anti-racist and anti-oppression perspective was applied during the process of conducting the research.

  • Community engagement and consultation were undertaken, where appropriate (e.g., when partnering with equity-deserving communities)

  • For research studies involving Indigenous participants/communities, the nominee(s) partnered with members from the relevant community/communities. Furthermore, if research involved members from First Nations communities, the nominee(s) adhered to OCAP® principles.

  • The nominee (or one of the nominees) is available to present their research to the AOM membership either virtually or in-person (unless this research has been previously presented).

  • Current AOM members in good standing can submit nominations for this award, including self-nominations. Current AOM Board members and AOM employees are ineligible.

Nomination Process

Completing this nomination process will require:

  1. Completing the online form. This form includes a brief description of how the research paper contributes to quality, excellence and best practice in research (200 word maximum). This description should address how the research:

  • Contributes to advancing midwifery.
  • Reflects at least one of the AOM’s commitments and/or goals in the 2022-2025 strategic plan.
  • Uses research methods and processes that are ethical, participant-centred (wherever possible), culturally-safe, well explained, and appropriate to the research question.
  • Demonstrates how an anti-racist and anti-oppression lens was applied throughout the research process, where appropriate.  
  • Demonstrates how community engagement, consultation, partnership and data sovereignty was prioritized, specifically for research conducted with Indigenous and equity-deserving communities,  
  1. Forwarding the following supporting materials to the AOM (by email or mail):

  • A copy of the published research paper or manuscript that has been accepted for publication.

  • A letter of support from either the nominator or an additional supporter that explains the importance of this research to midwifery practice.

Confirmation that the/a nominee or designate is available to present this research to the AOM membership, either virtually or in-person (unless this research has been previously presented).

Nomination Selection

Nominations received will be reviewed by the Midwifery Research Work Group (MRWG). The MRWG will recommend an award recipient to the Board of Directors, which will make the final selection.

Don't know where to start? TMU offers some helpful tips for preparing a nomination package that are also applicable to the AOM nominations process.


This award will be presented at the Ontario Midwifery Conference in 2024.

The deadline for this application is Dec 8, 2023.