2022 Grant Recipients

The AOM is pleased to announce another successful year of the Midwifery Research Grants program! Congratulations to Claire Dion Fletcher, Susana Ku, Kambili Husbands, Sophia Kehler and Simone Rosenberg, whose projects support client-centred care and capture the experiences of midwives and midwifery clients alike.

Career Midwifery Research Grant recipients

Claire Dion Fletcher headshot

Claire Dion Fletcher

Claire Dion Fletcher is a Lenape- Potawatomi and mixed settler Registered Midwife practicing at Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto and Assistant Professor at the Toronto Metropolitan University Midwifery Education Program. This project will explore the role of an Indigenous-led midwife hospitalist team in increasing access to culturally safe pregnancy care for Indigenous families. 

Mentored Midwifery Research Grant recipients

Susana Ku headshot

Susana Ku
RM, PhD candidate

Susana Ku is a Registered Midwife and a second-year PhD student in the Global Health Program at McMaster University. This research project aims to explore how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted midwifery services in the GTA, Ontario and Lima Metropolitana, Lima, Peru

Kambili Husbands

Sophia Keller headshot

Simone Rosenberg headshot

Kambili Husbands, RM, MA 
Sophia Kehler, RM
Simone Rosenberg, RM

Kambili Husbands, Sophia Kehler and Simone Rosenberg work as Registered Midwives in a shared call model at The Midwives’ Clinic of East York Don Mills. Their project will evaluate the outcomes and care experiences of midwifery services at an urban community health centre providing care to racialized and immigrant women.

Past Recipients

Year Career Midwifery Research Grant Mentored Midwifery Research Grant

Mary Sharpe, RM, PhD
Wendy St. Laurent-Coutts, RM, NP-PHC/MPH, BScN, Doctoral student (Ed.)

Abigail Corbin, RM
Ayeshah Haque, RM, MSc candidate
Jessica Jones, RM, MPH candidate 

Karline Wilson-Michell, CNM, RM, DrNP, MSN
Liz Darling, RM, MSc, PhD

Angela Freeman, MSc candidate 
Kate Demers, MMid

Andrea Robertson, RM, MA PhD candidate
Erica Elderhorst, RM, MSc candidate  

Emma Seager, RM, MSc(c)  


Nicole Bennett, RM, PhD candidate
Liz Darling, RM, PhD
Beth Murray-Davis, RM, PhD
Mary Sharpe, RM, PhD

Jen Goldberg, RM, MPH candidate
Ali McCallum, RM, MSc & Jenna Robertson Bly, RM, MA Angela Reitsma, RM, MSc
2017 Liz Darling, RM, PhD Erica Elderhorst, RM
Erika Arsenault, MSc & Sam Landry, MSc