2021 Grant Recipients

The AOM is pleased to announce another successful year of the Midwifery Research Grants program! Congratulations to Mary Sharpe, Wendy St. Laurent-Coutts, Abigail Corbin, Ayeshah Haque, and Jessica Jones whose projects support client-centred care and capture the experiences of midwives and midwifery clients alike.

Career Midwifery Research Grant recipients

head shot of Mary Sharpe

Mary Sharpe

Mary Sharpe is a Registered Midwife and Associate Professor at Ryerson University. Her research project will compare the accuracy of a intrapartum rapid PCR test for GBS colonization with the accuracy of an antepartum (35-37 weeks) and intrapartum culture-based test. This research will help elucidate the transient nature of vaginal-rectal GBS colonization and may play a role in changing the timing of GBS testing with the potential to decrease unnecessary antibiotic treatment. 

Head shot of Wendy St Laurent-Coutts

Wendy St. Laurent-Coutts 
RM, NP-PHC/MPH, BScN, Doctoral student (Ed.)

Wendy St. Laurent-Coutts is a Registered Midwife, PHC-Nurse Practitioner and university educator at Lakehead University. Her research team intends to study the impact of a Expanded Midwifery Care Model which provides up to 18 months of postpartum care to families located in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The project aims to highlight gaps, identify needs, and evaluate benefits for more vulnerable parents and babies receiving midwifery care within an EMCM program, potentially advocating for an expansion of the Ontario's midwife's scope of practice. 

Mentored Midwifery Research Grant recipients

Head shot of Abigail Corbin

Abigail Corbin

Abigail Corbin is a Registered Midwife at Hawthorne Midwives. Abigail’s project seeks to describe the leadership roles midwives hold in Canada, the racial, educational, and socio-demographic characteristics of midwives in leadership positions and whether midwives are leading in inter-professional settings, Results from this study will inform the development of educational opportunities and strategic directions for midwives

Head shot of Ayesha Haque

Ayeshah Haque
RM, MHS candidate 

Ayeshah Haque is a Master of Health Sciences candidate in the Translational Research Program at the University of Toronto. Ayeshah’s project will explore midwives’ perspectives on health equity, confidence in discussing health equity with childbearing families and experiences in health equity data collection. Insights from this qualitative study will help uncover potential barriers to equity data collection which can inform the implementation of equity data collection at the provincial level.  

Head shot of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones
RM, MPH candidate 

Jessica Jones is a Master of Public Health candidate at McMaster University. Her project explores how midwifery clients access information to support infant feeding decisions and the key factors that influence their decision-making. Insights gained from this study will inform strategies to improve the dissemination of health information to clients.


Past Recipients

Year Career Midwifery Research Grant Mentored Midwifery Research Grant

Karline Wilson-Michell, CNM, RM, DrNP, MSN
Liz Darling, RM, MSc, PhD

Angela Freeman, MSc candidate 
Kate Demers, MMid

Andrea Robertson, RM, MA PhD candidate
Erica Elderhorst, RM, MSc candidate  

Emma Seager, RM, MSc(c)  


Nicole Bennett, RM, PhD candidate
Liz Darling, RM, PhD
Beth Murray-Davis, RM, PhD
Mary Sharpe, RM, PhD

Jen Goldberg, RM, MPH candidate
Ali McCallum, RM, MSc & Jenna Robertson Bly, RM, MA Angela Reitsma, RM, MSc
2017 Liz Darling, RM, PhD Erica Elderhorst, RM
Erika Arsenault, MSc & Sam Landry, MSc