2020 Grant Recipients

The AOM is pleased to announce another successful year of the Midwifery Research Grants program! Congratulations to Karline Wilson-Michell, Liz Darling, Angela Freeman and Kate Demers whose projects support client-centred care and capture the experiences of midwives and midwifery clients alike.

Career Midwifery Research Grant recipients

Karline Wilson-Mitchell

Karline Wilson-Mitchell

Inspired by BIPOC midwifery students, Dr. Wilson-Mitchell, Ryerson Midwifery Education Program director, launches the Canadian Midwives of Colour History Project. By centring the immigrant’s narrative through the lens of midwifery and birth, Wilson-Mitchell, an immigration and settlement researcher, will examine the hidden histories of Canada’s first refugees and racialized immigrants living in the early 19th and 20th centuries. The multidisciplinary team is comprised of archivists, historians, midwives, filmmakers, video storytellers, web designers and their students. Birth is the mirror, the lens, the camera, capturing the experiences of life and work of racialized immigrant midwives. 

Liz Darling

Liz Darling
RM, MSc, PhD

Liz Darling is the assistant dean and director of the McMaster Midwifery Education Program. Her research project will compare neonatal and maternal outcomes between planned home birth with a midwife, planned hospital birth with a midwife, and planned hospital birth with a physician, as well as identifying sociodemographic and clinical factors associated with planning a home birth.

Mentored Midwifery Research Grant recipients

Angela Freeman

Angela Freeman
MSc candidate

Angela Freeman is an MSc candidate in the School of Public Health & Health Systems at the University of Waterloo. Her project explores how midwifery care for early pregnancy loss is experienced by both clients and midwives within the Ontario health-care system context. Insights gained from this qualitative study will inform practice and provide suggestions for policy, with the aim to improve care quality for individuals experiencing early pregnancy loss.

Kate Demers

Kate Demers

Kate Demers is an assistant professor in the department of Obstetrics & Gynecology (Midwifery) at McMaster University. Her research project will examine clinical outcomes associated with early loss when medical management is provided by midwives practicing within the expanded scope model.

Past Recipients

Year Career Midwifery Research Grant Mentored Midwifery Research Grant

Andrea Robertson, RM, MA PhD candidate
Erica Elderhorst, RM, MSc candidate  

Emma Seager, RM, MSc(c)  


Nicole Bennett, RM, PhD candidate
Liz Darling, RM, PhD
Beth Murray-Davis, RM, PhD
Mary Sharpe, RM, PhD

Jen Goldberg, RM, MPH candidate
Ali McCallum, RM, MSc & Jenna Robertson Bly, RM, MA Angela Reitsma, RM, MSc
2017 Liz Darling, RM, PhD Erica Elderhorst, RM
Erika Arsenault, MSc & Sam Landry, MSc