Quality Insurance & Risk Management Committee

The QIRM Committee is committed to the promotion of high-quality midwifery services for Ontario clients and their families through their work guiding and supporting individual midwives and midwifery practice groups, and contributing to growth and development of the midwifery profession. The QIRM Committee provides guidance and support to the AOM’s Board of Directors in a timely manner on the professional and general liability insurance policies; and quality of care matters, including risk management activities, consistent with the philosophy and model of Ontario midwifery and the committee’s values statement and in accordance with the AOM’s strategic plan.

The following midwives are members of the QIRM Committee:

Abigail Corbin, RM (Chair); Elizabeth Brandeis, RM; Sara Chambers, RM; Kim Cloutier Holtz, RM; Remi Ejiwunmi, RM; Stephanie Gingerich, RM; Ashley Lickers, AM; Navjot Lidder, RM; Ali McCallum, RM.

QIRM Committee Terms of Reference