Emergency Skills Workshop Review Task Force

The Emergency Skills Workshop (ESW) Review Task Force provides guidance and support to the AOM ESW program by reviewing the clinical content of the AOM’s emergency skills workshops (including the ESW Manual), in accordance with the AOM's strategic plan. 

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The responsibilities of the task force include:

  • Providing input to ensure ESW content is current, relevant, and evidence-informed
  • Keeping up-to-date on the relevant literature about each of the emergency skills
  • Scanning the environment for similar programs, trends, or issues that may affect AOM ESW or suggest that changes should be considered
  • Providing input into policies related to ESW as required  


  • Leslie Viets (Chair, RM-retired)
  • Annabel Cope, RM
  • Kerstin Helen, RM
  • Manavi Handa, RM
  • Nicole Romeiko, RM
  • Anita (Gaby) Sabados, RM
  • Sarilyn Zimmermann, RM