Meet the Board


Jasmin Tecson, RM, BHSc    

Jasmin became president of the AOM Board of Directors and the Ontario representative on the Canadian Association of Midwives (CAM) Board of Directors in May 2020. Previously, she served on the Board as the South East Regional Coordinator, Treasurer, President-Elect, and acted as Chair of the Audit and Hospital Integration Committees. Jasmin is a midwife with Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto and holds privileges at Sunnybrook Hospital, Scarborough Health Network, and the Toronto Birth Centre. Jasmin initiated and assisted with drafting the Equity Statement for the Midwifery Education Program. She is committed to social justice and equity principles alongside clinical excellence and to ensuring Ontario midwifery remains vital and empowered. Her local, provincial, and international activities reflect her interest in relationship-building through knowledge sharing. Tecson was a content expert and webinar presenter for Best Start Health Nexus' prenatal education project, and an instructor in Tanzania for CAM's Midwives Save Lives program. She embraces the ongoing challenge of personal decolonization and continually strives to better understand her responsibilities as a settler on Turtle Island. More simply, she aims to eat more vegetables, drink more water, and dance more often.

Vice President
Bounmy Inthavong​​​​, RM 

Bounmy is a 2015 graduate from the McMaster Midwifery Education Program. She comes to the AOM Board as a new member in 2018. Much of what shapes Bounmy today has evolved from a young age as a first-generation Lao refugee discovering the inequalities of being a woman. As a midwife, Bounmy seeks to provide an individualized approach to care that ensures a safe and supportive environment that empowers clients and their families. She believes that all people have the right to dignified and respectful care regardless of cultural, social or economic circumstances. Bounmy is grateful for all the midwives she has worked alongside and the many families that she has cared for in Windsor-Essex County, Waterloo Region and Peterborough. Prior to midwifery, Bounmy completed her joint Bachelor of Science in Biology and Geography from the University of Waterloo. During her spare time, Bounmy enjoys testing her culinary pallet, back country camping and making desserts for family and friends. 

Kim Cloutier Holtz, RM, BHSc   

Kim is in her second term on the AOM board. She first joined the board as an appointed board member and was elected to the member at large position in 2019. She is also currently filling in as acting Secretary on the board. Kim graduated from the francophone MEP program at Laurentian University in 2005. She is passionate about Northern Ontario Rural midwifery and serving small Indigenous communities of the North. She opened Sages-femmes Temiskaming Midwives practice in New Liskeard, Ontario, in 2010 and currently practices there. Prior to that she was an associate midwife in Sudbury. She has also provided locum relief to Northern Ontario practices. Kim sits on several committees including the AOM QIRM committee, the North East LHIN Hospital Diversion and Community Capacity Pandemic Response Table, as well as several regional and community-based committees. She is a member of NACM as a Métis midwife. She is an ESW instructor and NOSM preceptor. Her specialty is providing taxi service to her three sons who were all born into the hands of midwives in water at home.

Mandy Levencrown, RM, BSc, BHSc

Mandy graduated from the Ryerson Midwifery Program in 2010. She currently practices at Countryside Midwifery Services in rural Perth County and previously practiced in urban Toronto. Mandy has served on the Provincial Council of Maternal and Child Health; Maternal Child Screening Committee and currently serves on the Newborn Screen Ontario Advisory Council. Locally, she is a member of the Maternal/Child Committee at one of her local hospitals as well as a previous member of the Perth Breastfeeding Group. In 2017, she worked as a consultant for the Canadian Association of Midwives, Midwives Save Lives Program in Ethiopia. Mandy is also proud to be a midwifery preceptor to students at all levels of the Midwifery Education Program, International Midwifery Pre-Registration Program and high school co-op students. Before becoming a midwife, Mandy completed a BSc in Biology and Theatre and became a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula. Mandy is passionate about informed choice for pregnant people and promoting the midwifery profession through inter-professional collaboration. Mandy is proud to be the mother two beautiful children, both caught by midwives at home and hospital.

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Member at Large
Brittany-Lyne Carriere, RM

Brittany-Lyne is at the beginning of her midwifery career, but is a seasoned birth worker. With two honors degrees from Laurentian University, Sudbury, she now works at Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto; a practice with a focus on providing culturing safe care to indigenous communities.

She is particularly committed to advancing Midwifery in perinatal loss, abortion care and postpartum mental health. Brittany-Lyne has taken an interest in governance involvement and is excited to join the AOM board early in her career to get a head start on being involved in midwifery care from as many aspects as possible. 

In non-COVID times, Brittany-Lyne loves outdoor group adventures and sweating on the dance floor.

head shot of Althea Jones

Member at Large
Althea Jones, RM, HBA, BHSc

Althea Jones is a registered midwife with 10 years of experience. For Althea, maternal health is much more than a career, it’s a passion and a calling that she has dedicated herself to. She has taken a leave from clinical practice to found Womb & Wellness, a network that addresses the gaps in maternity care by helping clients connect with complementary services, resources and support. More recently, Althea launched Ancestral Hands Midwives, a non profit organization with a mission to improve the outcomes and experiences of Black people during the perinatal period. Althea completed her Bachelors of Health Science in midwifery from X University and prior to this, she earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of Arizona where she attended on a soccer scholarship. In her spare time Althea enjoys learning new skills, traveling (pre covid) and spending time with her family which includes her two amazing daughters who were both born at home into the hands of midwives.

Sara Martineau head shot

Member at Large 
Sarah Martineau, RM

Sarah Martineau graduated from the Ryerson Midwifery Education Program in 2017, and provides midwifery care in Toronto at the Midwives Collective. As a cis woman of Trinidadian and First Nations background, she is extremely interested in supporting and advocating for racialized and Urban Indigenous communities and families. Prior to becoming a midwife, Sarah worked for over a decade in Toronto as a paramedic, and uses the knowledge and skills acquired in that profession to aid her work as a midwife. When not working, she can usually be found knitting furiously in a corner, hoping to be unnoticed. Sarah joined the AOM Board in 2020.

Head shot of Natasha Singleton-Bassaragh

Member at Large
Natasha Singleton-Bassaragh, RM

Natasha is a registered midwife from Peel Region who is in her 1st term with the AOM board. She holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology from York University, as well as her Bachelor of Science in Midwifery from X University.

Natasha’s enthusiasm for obstetrics is centred on empowering new parents to be confident in their ability to not only carry a pregnancy, but to birth their families, and parent them successfully with the knowledge and instincts that they inherently hold within.

She is also motivated to maximize the retention of knowledge and skills, and reduce the brain drain in Ontario midwifery, that is due to the attrition of midwives who are ill or have been injured. With a lens on equity for disabled midwives, Natasha is confident that we can create spaces for our colleagues who have had to leave clinical practice for these reasons, but still wish to have a career in midwifery. Natasha is a past midwifery client whose son was caught by the welcoming hands of her husband, as guided by the wise and skillful hands of their midwife. She is looking forward to continuing her work on
the AOM board in the coming years.

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Member at Large 
Tammy Roberts​, RM

Bio coming soon!

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Board-appointed Member at Large
Dione Amsterdam

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