Birth Centres in Ontario

A birth centre is a free-standing, community-based, regulated healthcare facility that offers a safe, comfortable, family-centred place to give birth outside of the hospital. In birth centres, care is provided by midwives, who are the only primary care providers in Ontario with the specific education and training required to help people safely give birth outside of the hospital.

There are three midwifery-led birth centres in Ontario: one on Six Nations of the Grand River territory , one in Toronto and one in Ottawa.

Tsi Non:we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta’,  Six Nations Maternal and Child Centre was the first birth centre in Ontario to open its doors in 1996. Care at this birth centre is provided by Aboriginal midwives.   You can find out more about the birth centre at Tsi Non:we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta’ here.

The birth centres in Toronto and Ottawa both opened their doors in 2014. They are independent healthcare facilities.  Care at the Toronto Birth Centre and the Ottawa Birth and Wellness Centre is provided by midwives from the surrounding area.

Find out more about the birth centres at Toronto and Ottawa here