Who Can Have Midwifery Care at Tsi Non: we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta?

The midwives at Tsi Non: we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta typically provide care to Indigenous families within a 1-hour radius of the birthing centre.   Your appointments can take place at the birth centre, home or a place of your choosing. 

You can also choose to give birth at the birth centre, your home, or the hospital; your Aboriginal Midwife will attend you in the setting of your choice or need. 

If for any reason travelling or leaving your home for your appointments or your birth is an issue, your midwife will either arrange for transportation or care for you where you are living.

Traditionally the midwives at Tsi Non: we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta have cared for women experiencing normal or low risk pregnancies.  They have come to recognize that some of the most valuable care they provide is for people facing challenges during their pregnancy.  For this reason, they have expanded their practice to care for anyone who is interested in having an Aboriginal midwife.  For example, if a specialist like an obstetrician needs to be involved in your care, you can still have a midwife from Tsi Non: we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta.  Depending on your situation and the health of you and your baby, your midwife will either provide primary care or supportive care.

What is primary care?

As a primary care provider your Aboriginal Midwife is not only responsible for you and your baby’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs, she is responsible for providing you with clinically safe care.  The midwives offer choice of birthplace and can provide primary care during labour and birth at the birth centre or at home.  If you need or want to go to the hospital for any reason your midwife will accompany you in a supportive care role. 

Some examples of why you may need or want to go to the hospital include:

  • You want medical forms of pain relief that are not available at home or the birth centre such as an epidural
  • Your labour is moving along very slowly
  • You have heavy bleeding after the birth

 What is supportive care?

The midwives at Tsi Non: we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta work collaboratively with other care providers to help ensure that you and your baby receive the best possible care in a respectful and culturally safe way.    If for any reason you require specialist care (obstetrician, endocrinologist, pediatrician) during your pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum period your midwife will adopt a supportive care role.  She will accompany you to appointments as you wish and will attend your birth. 

Although your midwife is not responsible for your clinical care in this situation, they still will:

  • support your mental, emotional and spiritual needs
  • act as your advocate to ensure that you are well informed of your medical options and care plan
  • act as a liaison between the medical staff, you and your family while ensuring that you are respected by hospital staff
  • provide comfort measures
  • ensure that you feel safe practicing your Traditional beliefs, practices and ceremonies
    Your midwife may also be able to resume primary care if your situation changes and you don’t require specialist care anymore.

For more information about accessing midwifery care through Tsi Non: we Ionnakeratstha Ona:grahsta you can visit their website or

Toll Free Phone: 1-866-446-4922

Area phone: (519) 445-4922

Or visit: 1350 Sour Springs Road RR6 Hagersville ON N0A 1H0