Giving Birth

Labour and birth is a profound time for everyone who is privileged enough to participate. Choosing a midwife to provide your care means that when it comes time to give birth, you and your baby will be cared for by someone you've met before, knows you and understands what's important to you.

As experts in healthy, low-risk birth, midwives view childbirth physiologically--that is, something that your body can handle. Of course, every birth is unique, and midwives are trained to prepared for a variety of issues that may arise. Midwives monitor both mother and baby closely during labour and birth and are fully trained to deal with unforeseen events.

Where and how you choose to give birth is a decision that you'll make in consultation with your midwife. For example, you can choose to:
·       give birth at home, in hospital or, in some communities at a birth centre
·       labour in the water and/or have a water birth, or not
·       have an epidural, or other non-medical forms of pain relief

It is very important that you have a voice and choice in where and how you give birth.
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Want to know more about what birth with a midwife is like? Check out our video below!